Clean-Up Sheet

The following is a detailed list of what the $125 clean-up fee covers.  On average, clean-up takes  approx. 2hrs.  The time required to complete clean-up obviously depends on your particular event and the amount of assistance you have.

NOTE:  The Clayton Community Centre is run by volunteers who take the time to make sure the Hall is clean and presentable for your event.  Please ensure clean-up is given the priority it deserves. Our regular rentals and volunteers thank you.



  • Empty any leftover liquids into slop pails [NO LIQUIDS IN GARBAGE PLEASE]
  • Take down & remove ALL decorations
  • Wipe down all tables/chairs with cleaning solution and wet cloth
  • Sweep floor [including under and around tables]
  • Scrub any spills and soiled areas with wet mop and cleaning solution



  • General clean up of any cups, plates an garbage
  • Ensure any large debris is picked up from carpet



  • Ensure all toilets are flushed
  • Clean all toilets & urinals [incl. seats, rims and bowls]
  • Wipe down vanity & sinks [incl. faucets]
  • Clean mirrors
  • Empty garbages [incl. small baskets in stalls]
  • Sweep floors [scrub any spills & soiled areas]



  • Wipe down all counters and HANG any wet tea towels to dry
  • Rinse liquor pourers in hot water [return to bucket and cover with tea towel]
  • Remove all liquor and beer [including empties]
  • Wash and dry any dishes, utensils and trays used and return to PROPER location [if unsure, please just leave them on the counter]
  • Wipe down and disinfect sinks & stoves
  • Rinse out coffee pots and remove ALL remaining food



  • All bags must be tied and placed in bin outside the back door [if there is not enough room in the bin, bags that DO NOT have LIQUID or FOOD in them may be left inside the door]
  • Breakdown cardboard boxes & recycling



  • Rinse and HANG mops to dry
  • Empty and rinse out mop bucket
  • Ensure all windows are closed
  • Turn off ALL lights [incl. washrooms & stage area]
  • Ensure ALL doors are locked [main entrance, side door by stage and kitchen/bar entrance]
  • Pick up any noticeable garbage  / empties from parking lot area
  • Check main entrance for cigarette butts and sweep if required
  • Take notice of anything suspicious in the parking lot and surrounding area