Clayton (Broadband) Working Group

MM2020 is a community volunteer group working to provide broadband access to all Mississippi Mills residents by the year 2020. See their Facebook page at

MM2020 has identified Clayton as the most desperate situation in Mississippi Mills due to:

1) Unreliable internet service falling below the CRTC minimum
2) No access to cellular or mobile data services
3) Home phone service in decline due to aging infrastructure
4) No level of government or service provider having plans for improved service in Clayton

Among the impacts of this situation are lower property values and significant public safety concerns.

MM2020 is building on its recent success in Appleton as a model to bring Broadband to the Clayton area. We have formed the MM2020 Clayton Working Group to lead the project. Our goal is to create a unified buying group to be served by broadband ‘Fibre to the home’ service (FTTH) in the Clayton area. In plainer language, your Internet service would be up to 1 Gigabit per second, about 1,000 times better than service most Clayton residents now receive.

Our working group quickly identified poor cellular phone coverage as a high priority for the community. So we will be working concurrently on improving cellular service in the Clayton area as well as bringing Broadband to our community.

Our goal is to have solutions in place by the end of 2018.

The Clayton situation will only improve through community leadership and citizen involvement. In order to replicate the Appleton success, residents of Clayton Village, Clayton and Taylor Lake need to organize into a unified buying group representing the majority of residents and engage with MM2020 to explore viable options for service provision. At this time, MM2020 has two companies interested in working with the Clayton community.

Please complete our community survey at Hard copies are available at the Clayton General Store and can be left there. All information will be kept confidential and used for no other project than this. We would appreciate your contact information so that we can share updates.

Please let us know if you can serve as a Road Representative, to talk to your neighbors about the project.

To get involved please contact Clem Pelot at or 613-256-7535.